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Within the activity of new volunteers with children in the coloring of the walls of the center.

Some of the new volunteers participated in the manual labor and included coloring the walls of the center to include [...]

Children education help love peace development .

As part of the children's training program A training workshop for children (five senses of happiness) Presented by one of [...]

literate programs are developing to make children more active .

we are inform you that our staff made new many programs for the children, 1- after teaching , play game [...]

Started Drama Project By Youth

many youth have gathered today at Rusaifa center to start drama program, they are very happy , first of all, [...]

WFWP continue program in Gaza camp…

WFWP continue have good program in gaza camp where many nice people ,youth and children live in , WFWP really [...]

Final Futour Jerash Camp in Ramadan

we have done puppet show with futour four times in Ramadan time in Jerash camp,I was so impressed in terms [...]

Futour with CDC youth English class.

with CDC youth who are participating English class went to futour at Down Town yesterday , it was amazing place [...]

English Class

with CDC youth , after our drama project, WFWP continue communicating with CDC youth to have English class . yesterday, [...]

Minira Abu Namoos family

No husband, 3 daughters and one son. Last year her husband went to Syria to look after his father then [...]

Amal Al Khawaja

NAME Amal Al Khawaja DATE OF BIRTH 09/01/1981 STUDY MAJOR English Language PREVIOUS / CURRENT EMPLOYMENT [...]

Mahmoud abu sulaiman

NAME Mahmoud abu sulaiman DATE OF BIRTH 20/05/1994 STUDY MAJOR Business management PREVIOUS / CURRENT EMPLOYMENT [...]

Haitham Abd Aljalel

NAME Haitham Abd Aljalel DATE OF BIRTH 23/06/1995 STUDY MAJOR Accounting Commecia law PREVIOUS / CURRENT EMPLOYMENT [...]

Abd Alsalam Abd Aljalel

NAME Abd Alsalam Abd Aljalel DATE OF BIRTH 11/11/1997 STUDY MAJOR Pharmacy PREVIOUS / CURRENT EMPLOYMENT [...]

Mohammad Rayyan

NAME Mohammad Rayyan DATE OF BIRTH 09/04/1991 STUDY MAJOR Civil Engyneer STUDENT NOTES I study civil [...]

Gaza Camp -collecting broken vegetables

we should not ignore for our lovely neighbors those who are not easy in surviving ,I was shocked when I saw boy who was collecting broken vegetables from road nearby vegetable shops after the shops were closed .many families are same situation. we have to help each other. we really [...]

Gaza Camp

kindly please help excellent students those who must pay for their tuition to their university ,many students in gaza camp are suffering in paying tuition, they have to be forced to temporary stop University because of they have to work for their tuition , Saeed who is on picture [...]

Ziad Motlaa Shreetha

Ziad Motlaa Shreetha 45 years old, his wife and 4 children. One daughter is deaf , He is working at washing car place , earning $10 per day to feed 6 numbers of his family. Contact number is +962 79 5509594 Donate Now! [...]

Jamal Samir

Jamal Samir 15 years old, He is working at washing car place , earning $37 per week, his father is deaf , Samir Abu Salim but he is working in earning $9 per day to feed 10 numbers of his family. Donate Now! [...]